Investors supervisions

Performing comprehensive investment supervision of the whole investment process including implementing works associated with the construction.

The scope of activities falling within the scope of the investor supervision:

- representing investor on the construction site by exercising control of compliance of its implementation of the project and the construction permit, regulations and principles of technical knowledge;

- quality control of the works performed and built-in construction products, in particular, preventing the use of defective construction products and not authorized for use in construction;

- control and reception of construction works, participating in the testing and technical acceptance of the installation, technical equipment and flue pipes and preparation and participation in the activities of receipt of finished buildings.

- confirming actually performed works and removal of defects and, at the request of the investor, controlling settlements of the construction.

To conduct supervision are directed best specialists with many years of experience, professional knowledge and any required professional permissions, allowing to perform independent functions in the construction industry.

The cost of our services is determined in each case by means of negotiations, after determining the scope of work required and is usually competitive with other known to us offers of renowned domestic and foreign companies.

Activities covering a range of investor's supervision may be further extended with the agreement of the Investor and the General Contractor. Expanded range will be presented to stakeholders in the process of agreeing terms and range of the investor's supervision.

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