Alchemia S.A.
Group of companies in the steel sector. The aim of activities of company authorities is to develop environmentally friendly steel group. It focuses primarily on the production of a wide range of pipes and other steel products. Products of the group are used in the oil industry, mining and gas industry, where high demands are put on the strength and quality of products.

Alternative-Solution for Materials and Equipment of Gas & Oil Company Ltd.
Libyan company, which is working in the oil and energy sector. Engaged in the sale among others of transmission and casing pipes, and cables for power industry.

Produces cisterns for the transport of dangerous substances. They became known in Poland and abroad as brand guaranteeing the highest quality in design, production and modernization of tank trucks. The main activity of the company BC-LDS is the production of specialist road transport vehicles to transport products such as petrol, diesel, LPG, bitumen, alcohol.

Boryszew S.A.
The only Polish producer of aluminium and aluminium-alloy wire rods for the production of power conductors and cables, and the so-called non-conductor wire rods, used in the steel industry as a deoxidizer. Apart from aluminium wire rods, the company manufactures wire and bare aluminium power wire strands. Wire rods are manufactured with the continuous casting and rolling method by means of Continuus-Properzi equipment and two assembly lines.

DKG-East Oil & Gas Equipment MFG CO. INC.
Hungarian machine producer for oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Their main field of activity is to satisfy the needs for tools in oil and gas prospecting, producing, transporting and processing.

El-Dawlia for Trading and Mining Co.
The company with headquarters in Egypt. The company owns phosphate mines and is the producer of the iron oxides and talc.

Elektrobudowa S.A.
Provides a complete range of construction and installation service, executing projects for power sector, petrochemical industry or mining and also turnkey of public utility facilities. The Company is also focused on manufacturing electric power equipment - medium and low voltage switchgear, power substations and systems. Elektrobudowa SA has participated in the construction of nearly all Polish and many foreign power stations and heat and power plants.

Elgo Lighting Industries SA
Lighting equipment factory. During the last years ELGO posed especially for the development of innovative lighting products based on LED technology, triggering the production of innovative LED light sources and LED luminaries intended for professional use.

Eltel Networks Telecom
It's primary scope of activity is technical services in the telephony industry. The main activity of company is performing turn-key network (fixed and mobile) roll-out and global maintenance.

European Energy Holding Ltd.
The company was founded with the goal of participating in the energy tenders. The company and its partners have the required financial resources, technical expertise, expert staff of engineers and technicians  with experience that allows to carry out the most difficult and complicated projects. The main task of the EHE is the participation and implementation of tendering and for financing projects.

International Engineering Company Kuwait
Kuwaiti company dealing with products for the oil industry, such as transmission and casing pipes, and the energy industry including cables for power.

Kvv Pipeline Construction Company Ltd.
Leading company in the Hungarian gas and oil industry for piping construction and erection, as well as for pipe fittings manufacture. They provide services of automatic no-man entry tank cleaning, inspection, repair and building of stainless steel and carbon steel vertical cylindrical tanks aboveground.

Mennica-Metale Szlachetne S.A.
Deals with precious metals processing and manufacturing of different products containing precious metals including catalytic gauzes - woven and knitted – made of wires with diameter from 0,060 mm to 0,092 mm, compounding of metal alloys and catchment gauzes PdNi (palladium/nickel) alloy  used in nitric acid plants for the ammonia oxidation.

Nowex Manufacturing-Trade-Service Company
Manufacturer of plastic products. They specialize in manufacturing caps and closures for food industry. Company mainly supply for dairy products manufacturers but they also co-operate with the leading producers of mineral water and soft drinks. Their products are also appreciated by oil producers and by manufacturers from many other branches of industry. The production process of the goods for the food industry is based on original raw materials and pigments which are safe for food contact.

Produces decoy flares used by planes and helicopters (infrared countermeasure), hand smoke grenades in colors white and black, smoke signal products in orange color and DM-11 – the product of smoke, designed to operate in air.

Olajterv Contracting and Engineering Co. Ltd.
Hungarian market leader and a significant Central and Eastern European design enterprise in the oil and gas industry. Almost all major systems in the oil and gas industry of Hungary has been implemented with the participation of Olajterv. Any finished project accounts for chemical industry, energetics, environmental protection, telecommunication, and construction solutions, which certify the versatile know-how of their experts.

Leading Polish company with over 60 years experience in geophysical investigations for petroleum, mineral and groundwater exploration as well as for engineering and environmental research. PBG LTD. offers wide range of services for exploration, engineering & environmental purposes. They have a highly-specialized and qualified staff with good professional experience and international practice. Their team is equipped with a high-technology measurement equipment. They have gained their experience in Europe, Africa and Asia, executing contracts for oil and mining corporations, government and research agencies and private companies - always in accordance with the highest standards and with the expectations of their Customers.

Polservice Geo LLC
Specialist company which acts covering the full range of surveying and engineering geology, with particular emphasis on comprehensive service construction projects in this area. It deals with geodetic and geotechnical support for both infrastructure and cubature investments.

Sarad LLC
Business agency working in the sector of semi-finished fertilizer products. The company operates in the markets of the Balkan countries.

Spazzio design
Bureau of architect with 20 years of experience. Spazzio design is mainly focused on serving the large investment, developers and private investors. Portfolio: in Poland: Qubus (Katowice), Alfa Centrum (Gdansk), Kinoplex (Opole), Shoping Centre (Wroclaw), Plus GSM Headquater (Warsaw), Galery Mokotow (Warsaw), Eolian park (Warsaw), Warta Tower Interiors (Warsaw), Euro RSCG (Warsaw); in Ukraine: Sunny Galery (Kryvyi Rih), Shoping Centre (Simferopol), City mall (Zaporizhia), Radisson Resort (Bukovel).

Tele-Fonika Kable
The largest cable company in Central and Eastern Europe. They are a recognized and trusted provider of copper and aluminum cables and wires, optical fibre cables, used by the world's leading companies in telecommunications, energy transmission and distribution, electronics, shipbuilding, mining.

Electrical Equipment Factory EL-Q LLC
The company exists since 1976. Experience in the production of medium voltage switchgear, especially MV/LV transformer stations, gained through years of activity in the structure of power industry helped to develop the concept, then produce and provide the market with container-transformer station. They are precursor of technical solutions not only in the area of stations, but also many other switchgears.

The company is on a market from the 1984 as a producer, service and trade company. From the very beginning the Horus-Energia company have been taking an experience from their mother-company Horus and inherit a knowledge and a technical merchandise. It has enabled to take a significant share on the generating sets market in Poland. Development of the modern management and offered goods, reconstruction of the technical and economic background area, an export sharing make the Horus-Energia one of the biggest companies of the reserved and base-load electric power market in Poland.

Hermes Energy Group S.A.
The company was established by Polish based private equity investment, as a new entity operating on the Polish as well as European natural gas market. Board of the Company decided to launch operational activities on the Polish natural gas market. Main focus of the company would be final customers interested in switching their current gas supplier and optimization of their gas procurement costs as well as bilateral trade partners active on the increasingly developing natural gas virtual trading point in Poland.

Sintis Technology Ltd
The company was established in 2013 but successfully succeeded Sintis Ltd that was established in  1993. Main focus of Sintis activities is to counter remote controlled IEDs. They produce devices for protection of information and devices for radio-electronic warfare.

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